Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200

Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200  Both the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 are fantastic alternatives if you require a solid high-quality sewing machine to deal with leather items. Whether you’re working on personal projects or running a small business, having the correct computer is essential.

Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200  these machines are both designed to work on a wide range of leather products, including wallets, belts, knife sheaths, and more.

You will find information below that will help you decide between the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 sewing machines.

Leather Sewing Machine Cobra Class 26

To begin with, the Cobra Class 26 leather sewing machine is a smaller version of the Cobra Class 4 machine, but there are several distinct distinctions.

This machine has a compound feed walking foot, a top-of-the-line and dependable digital DC servo motor, a digital servo motor speed reducer, and a fine-tune thread tension pre-tension mechanism to ensure tension issues don’t prohibit you from making masterpieces on a regular basis.

The Cobra Class 26 sewing machine can handle all varieties of cloth and leather up to five-eighths of an inch thick.

The Cobra Class 26 sewing machine is ideal for sewing handbags and purses, holsters, and other things, as well as craft and home-decorating projects. Thread sizes 46 through 407 may be used, making all of your leather crafts much easier to deal with.

This machine is comparable to previous Cobra leather sewing machines, but it offers an easier approach to deal with leather, similar to what a cylinder arm machine can achieve.

It’s designed for light- to medium-duty leather work and is simple to use, even if you’ve never stitched with leather before.

The Cobra Class 26 leather sewing machine features a 10-inch cylinder arm, a big U-style bobbin that loads at the top of the machine, and the flexibility to utilise needles ranging from #16 to #24.

The stitch length ranges from 3 to 10 stitches per inch, and the machine includes a 10-pack of size 22 needles, four bobbins, a spool of 138 Natural Thread, a thread stand, an LED super beam bulb, and an owner’s handbook.

Cowboy  CB3200 Leather Sewing Machine

The Cowboy CB3200 is an industrial sewing machine designed primarily for use on leather projects, as well as bioplastic materials, cotton, webbing, and a variety of other materials.

You can stitch up to half an inch of saddle leather with the CB3200 and use nylon or polyester thread up to #346. The sewing surface is 37 inches from the floor, and the table is 22″ x 48.”

Because the table is U-shaped, you may sit at it while working on your tasks, which is convenient. When you sit at the machine, you can effortlessly work on normal and thinner materials.

The CB3200 leather sewing machine even has a 10.5-inch-long cylinder arm, making it ideal for producing saddle bags, belts, collars, and even holsters. It has a complex triple-feed walking foot that permits all layers of fabric to move together, as well as stainless-steel presser feet known as harness feet by Cowboy.

The machine accepts needles ranging from #18 to #27 (7×3 or 794) and comes with large-capacity 78″ x 1″ bobbins to fit your projects. The machine’s maximum speed is 800 RPM.

Best of all, you receive everything you need to start sewing right away, including bobbins and a bundle of 10 needles in the thread size of your choice.

The machine has a maximum stitch length of two stitches per inch, a high-torque servo motor, a ball bearing 3:1 speed reduction, and a front panel speed control knob. Upgrades and extras are available if you desire them, and the CB3200 comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.

  Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200 What Are the Distinctions?

One thing is certain: if you require a high-quality industrial sewing machine to finish projects made of leather or other thick fabrics, both the Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy 3200 can help. As you can see, they are both excellent machines capable of handling a wide range of leather tasks, but how do they differ? To compare the two, let’s start with the characteristics while they’re side by side. the comparisons between Cobra Class 26 vs. Cowboy 3200:

Cobra Class 26 cylinder arm size: 10″ / Cowboy CB3200 cylinder arm size: 10.5″

Size needles accepted: #16 to #24 Cobra Class 26 / #18 to #27 Cowboy CB3200

Thread size accommodated: Cowboy CB3200: up to #346 / Cobra Class 26: #407

Stitch length: 3 to 10 stitches per inch for Cobra Class 26 / 2 stitches per inch for Cowboy CB3200

Maximum thickness supported: 5/8 inch for Cobra Class 26 and 1/2 inch for Cowboy CB3200.

Cobra Class 26 costs $2,400, while the Cowboy CB3200 costs $2,200.

Although the Cobra Class 26 is around $200 more expensive than the Cowboy CB3200 sewing machine, it can accept leather and cloth that is somewhat thicker – five-eighths of an inch as compared to half of an inch. It also allows for 3 to 10 stitches per inch, whereas the CB3200 only allows for two stitches per inch.

Nonetheless, the CB3200 sewing machine has a larger cylinder arm and can take needles up to #27 inches, whilst the Cobra Class 26 can only handle needles up to #24 inches. Some of these criteria may not be significant to many sewers, but if they are, it’s helpful to know you have some alternatives.

Calfskin Vs Cowhide

What to Look for in a Commercial Sewing Machine

If you’re reading this, you already know that if you’re going to deal with leather, you’ll need more than a regular home sewing machine. Leather is tough to work with, especially if it’s extra-thick, and it’s also unforgiving. If you’re looking to choose between different brands of industrial sewing machines, consider the following features:

A servo motor that can be programmed

A non-slip drive system, rather than a friction clutch

Walking feet that will not damage the leather/fabric as you work

A walking foot or a compound walking foot

A power speed reducer and/or a bigger balancing wheel are recommended.

Most importantly, you need a machine produced by a respected business with excellent customer service when you need it. This is especially crucial if you’re a newcomer since if you run into an issue while working, you’ll want to make sure there’s someone around who can assist you straight away. Furthermore, while looking for the finest leather sewing machine, the first thing you should do is choose which characteristics will best match your demands. In the end, this is the only method to get the best sewing machine.


Leather or industrial sewing machines are available in a variety of styles and configurations. The Cobra Class 26 and the Cowboy CB3200 are two outstanding sewing machines with many similarities. It is up to you to examine them more closely in order to choose which one is best for you.

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