Conspiracy theorists score hat-trick:

We appreciate your feedback on my tirade against changing pandemic myths. “At this moment, conspiracy theorists are roughly 8-0 ahead,” one social media critic stated.

However, since my diatribe about the demise of Covid narratives, a great deal more has occurred. Isn't the score skyrocketing at the moment?

Things took an unusual turn when I brought up the discrepancy in the duration of Covid isolation between different nations. The Daily Mail put it best: “Scientists' five-day mistake sparks outrage: PM directs advisers to reconsider reducing isolation following admission by the leading body that it gave inaccurate advice comparing UK regulations to those in the US.”

Is your advice misleading? Hmmm… At the very least, this time they admitted it.

With supply chain interruptions akin to Project Fear as a result of labor shortages, this oopsie-daisy is quite serious. Is the problem now resolved? How about other regions of the globe?

However, as I write this, the primary story is the original: how did the virus get there?

To begin, there were some new mainstream media stories on the old but apparently “new Wuhan bombshell” released by Covid during the military drills. Who would have thought? Indeed, a sizable proportion of so-called conspiracy theorists…

The conspiracy theory that it originated in a Wuhan Laboratory was thus established as not only credible but also likely. And those who publicly disregarded it were well aware of this.

“According to The Telegraph, scientists thought Covid spilled from the Wuhan site — but feared dispute would jeopardize ‘international unity.'

They did not, however, avoid mentioning it entirely. When questioned about its plausibility, they denied it, resulting in the censorship of those who argued otherwise. Some would argue that they influenced an election…

To be clear, the claim that Covid leaked from a laboratory has evolved from discredited to credible, and then to likely but dismissed due to geopolitical considerations.

This line jumped out to me in the Telegraph piece about scientists discovering what conspiracy theorists were blacklisted for:

The University of Edinburgh recently denied The Telegraph's Freedom of Information request for access to Prof Rambaut's comments, claiming that “publishing would be likely to jeopardize an individual's physical or mental health or safety.”

Yes, it is correct.

Another conspiracy theory about the early pandemic is that people were dying from Covid rather than from it. That is now widely accepted as true. According to the Gazette, “CDC director says research on vaccinated individuals indicates that 75% of Covid-19 deaths ‘had four or more comorbidities.” That is three more than the bulk of known conspiracy theorists stated at the time.

The following is The Telegraph's rendition of the storey in the United Kingdom:

Boris Johnson described the incidence of Covid infections in hospitals as “terrible” after data indicated the virus has infected nearly half of all patients in some places.

Mr Johnson claimed that while the number of people infected with the virus was “much higher” in hospitals, many were infected while hospitalized for other reasons.

According to the most current estimates, the proportion of “iatrogenic” patients could reach up to 45%; however, Downing Street has maintained that the figure is closer to 30%.

Please extend a standing ovation to the NHS.

Meanwhile, asymptomatic Covid carriers are able to work in hospitals in California! To be clear, you can work at a hospital if you have Covid but are vaccinated; but, if you do not have Covid and are unvaccinated, you cannot!

However, allow me to briefly return to Australia. And it has nothing to do with tennis.

Several months ago, I warned you in articles and videos that Queensland will be the make-or-break state for the vaccine storey. The state had largely escaped the outbreak, with the exception of infected travelers who spent their time in hotel rooms with a fatal infection. Queensland life was routine, except that it shared a hard border with other states and the rest of the world.

This meant that when Queensland opened, we would be able to observe what occurred to a population that had achieved its vaccine objective but had not yet encountered Covid.

Modelers for the Queensland government began work in October and produced some estimates of what might happen. ABC News was gracious enough to summarise the “Key Points” for us:

The QIMR statistics had an impact on the Queensland government's decision to entirely reopen the state's borders.

Queensland's CHO is optimistic about the state's health system's ability to handle the daily maximum of 1,200 COVID-19 cases.

Queensland has finally opened its doors. And, as I write this, the number of cases has nearly doubled to about 20 times the maximum, with a recent total of approximately 29,000…

The Brisbane Times reports, however, that “the true number of people infected with Covid-19 in Queensland is likely to be at least double the official figure of more than 100,000.” Yes, experts continue to be questioned.

By now, you've probably seen the date. October wasn't that long ago, wasn't it? Additionally, Omicron is less severe but more contagious than Omicron.

Therefore, let us examine hospitalizations associated with this “less severe” condition. Indeed, hospitalizations have already eclipsed the previous record set in Australia.

However, what about the fatalities? Those are preventable with vaccinations, correct?

Nope. Despite previous exposure to the outbreak, New South Wales, Australia's most populous state, had a record number of deaths. South Australia, likewise, has done so.

So, despite achieving the magical number of immunizations and having a milder variant, we've seen record numbers of illnesses, hospitalizations, and fatalities, even in areas previously hit by Covid waves?

What grade would you give the attempt to open up via vaccines?

All of this may be considered newsworthy. It's a bit of a triumph for a writer that a record-breaking epidemic occurred despite the best efforts of legislators, epidemiologists, and modelers. What could be better than a tennis storey?

However, guess what? The Australian media have made no mention of the data's implications. Nobody, as far as I am aware, is willing to address the implications of this state of affairs.

When you Google “Australia breaks COVID records,” you'll come across articles from the New York Times, NBC News, The Thaiger, the Guardian, the Hindu Businessline, and France24!

Meanwhile, Australia's media is abuzz with talk of a particular tennis star, Hillary Clinton's 2024 comeback, and “I can't afford an airline ticket for my non-binary child.”

Perhaps Australia's less-than-successful reopening, despite vaccinations and a milder strain, continues to be viewed as a conspiracy theory within the country?

According to, this is not the case:

Pfizer's CEO's stunning admission regarding Omicron

Two doses of the existing Covid-19 vaccine, according to Pfizer's CEO, provide “very poor protection, if any,” against Omicron.

Congratulations on resolving the issue.

What is the solution?

Additional immunization!

According to CNBC, Pfizer's CEO has stated that the Omicron vaccine will be available in March.

Yes, if the vaccine is failing to prevent new cases, fatalities, and hospitalizations, the answer, of course, is another vaccine.

After all, the UK was just warned against administering a fourth booster of existing vaccines; thus, we need to sell them something new!

Indeed, German media reports indicate that Pfizer is already researching an Omicron-specific vaccine. What a coincidence that the CEO of the company has recently learned that the old immunisation is no longer effective!

In any case, the new one will arrive shortly after the Omicron wave… passes us by? However, it will undoubtedly be repaid in due course.

The following lesson will be that we need to acquire more expensive masks now that we've all purchased the cheaper ones.

According to, the United States' top health organisation has advised that cotton masks are ineffective against the Omicron form and that new masks are required to keep people safe. What an ideal time to resolve this!

I'm intrigued as to whether any politically connected individuals have created businesses to manufacture the aforementioned masks, while their spouses make “referrals” to the government organisations that choose who receives federal contracts.

However, we may be being too harsh. After all, the world's leaders and modellers are confronted with an entirely new species. And it's not as if Queensland officials were aware that a novel strain with unknown characteristics was spreading when they decided to open the state to tourists… Unless they were…?

However, as they have repeatedly stated, Omicron is gentle.

Oh, wait, reports that the “World Health Organization has determined that the Omicron form is not mild.”

Additionally, the WHO now forecasts that within weeks, more than half of Europe will be sick.

What a time to discover that things aren't quite as “gentle” as they appear! Perhaps they simply wanted us to protect their mental health…

Editor, Fortune & Freedom, Nick Hubble

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The post Conspiracy theorist's score hat-trick appeared first on Fortune and Freedom.

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