Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning And Cooling

Ducted Evaporative air conditioning works by passing hot, dry air from outside and pushing it through filter mats soaked with water.
This results in water evaporation in the heated air, lowering the temperature and increasing the humidity.
Increasing the humidity means that the air is less irritating to the eyes, skin and airways. It does not make you feel itchy and dry.



This cooling technique is most effective in places with arid, hot summers. For instance, Melbourne's summers are dry and hot, making evaporative cooling ideal for Melbourne and the state of Victoria.

Ducted Evaporative air conditioning is best suited for Australia's southern states and interior regions.
If you are in a tropical region, evaporative cooling will not be effective to cool your home.
Evaporative cooling is most effective when a door or window is left open, enabling cool air to continuously flow in via the vents and heated air to exit through the windows.
So can leave a window open if your children are playing outside, and going in and out of a door will not impact the cooling system.
You also do not have to close off rooms and constantly draw curtains.

Energy Efficient As Well

Evaporative Coolers can be up to 75% more energy efficient with the running costs than Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning while cooling your home. Evaporative cooling is a simple system basically a fan sucking air in over a wet surface and then blowing this cooled air through the home.


Ducted Evaporative Cooling Systems and Indoor Air Quality

Evaporative coolers will provide air that has more moisture in it. This is usually better for people with respiratory issues

When evaporative coolers are used, doors and windows do not need to be tightly sealed, and the air in the room is not recirculated, resulting in more fresh air. Additionally, evaporative coolers do not cause the air to become too dry.
This prevents your skin and eyes from drying out from being exposed to the constant cool, dry air from a refrigerated system.

Evaporative cooling means you're breathing in the fresh air – BUT if you're allergic to certain airborne irritants like pollens.
Remember that evaporative coolers require an open window for cross breeze circulation, and this can allow outdoor irritants into your home.

Another bonus about having an evaporative system is that it does not require synthetic refrigerants, as a refrigerated ducted system does. 

As a result, an evaporative system may be the best option for your family and the environment.

How is the air quality?

Ducted Evaporative Cooling To Avoid Asthma?

Individuals with severe asthma must know the air and environmental elements that can trigger an asthma attack. For some asthma suffers, the weather can act as a trigger for breathing difficulties, impacting their lives.
It is important to find a climate control system that suits them and does not irritate their lungs and trigger breathing difficulties.

To understand the distinctions between the two types of air conditioning or cooling. Look at the features of each cooling system.

Once you get to know how they work, you'll understand how they differ. You will know which will be more suitable for your home for cooling and maintaining a healthy indoor environment. We must first understand how they operate to determine whether air conditioning or evaporative cooling is superior.


Which system creates a home that is asthma-friendly?

Refrigerated A/C systems will produce colder and drier air.  Some asthmatics struggle with the type of air conditioning and even find a car's air conditioner uncomfortable to be in for long periods. Therefore, how can you stay cool over the summer heat without aggravating your asthma?
When choosing between evaporative cooling and ducted air conditioning, you will have to add up the pros and cons of each system.

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated air conditioning systems can impact the environment you are in. The dry cold air they produce can be irritating to sensitive airways. They require a home to be sealed to work at optimum levels, so the same air circulates in the house.

Keeping the filters and pumps clean is essential to ensure the air quality in your home. Look for models that do have air purification options.

Climate control

These systems function by removing moisture from the air. This is accomplished by removing warm, moist air from the space and replacing it with cool, dry air. Operating air conditioners is more expensive and consumes more energy.
Nonetheless, their greatest advantage is that they operate in practically all temperatures, and, of course, they can also heat using the reverse cycle option in the winter.

Compared to evaporative cooling, this type of air conditioning has disadvantages such as: 

  • Higher operating expenses, 
  • Increased energy consumption
  • Frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Control of allergens

Not only do air conditioners cool your entire home by removing humidity and purifying the air inside. They also provide highly efficient filters that eliminate a wide variety of allergens from the air you breathe.

To maintain efficient allergy control, it is necessary to have air conditioners cleaned and serviced regularly. This keeps the keep filters clean or replace them as needed.

  • Both can aid in the fight against allergies.
  • Prevention is a critical part of asthma management for individuals with the disease.
  • Avoid indoor allergens (dust, pollution, and animal dander) outdoor allergies (pollen, mould, and chemical irritants.
  • Recent scientific research has unveiled that, even in industrial towns, homes and other structures can be more polluted than outdoor air.
  • Additionally, a lack of outdoor air circulation indoors can result in a buildup of contaminants, which can constitute a health risk, particularly for respiratory problems.
  • Individuals with environmental asthma may discover that evaporative coolers are a little easier on their symptoms.

Beyond Heating and Cooling professionals can assist you in selecting the most appropriate air conditioning system that fulfils your family's needs.



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