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Maintenance Electrician And Commercial Electrical Work.

If you run a business in Brisbane,you should have a trusted commercial electrician that is also undertaking your maintenance work which is ongoing and preventive electrical work.


Commercial Electricians And Maintenance Work

Year after year, business capabilities have improved due to continuous advancements in modern technology.
You may notice an increase in overall productivity and proficiency if you keep the most recent and comprehensive electrical systems installed.
As a result, you should undoubtedly seek out the best electrical contractors in your area. Our electricians stand behind the services we offer and we are the number one choice for commercial installations in Brisbane, Southside, and Redlands.





Data cabling and networking

data cablingData cabling has evolved into some of the most important electrical services that you can offer your company. This type of cabling serves as the foundation for telecommunications and networks, both internal and internet-based, allowing a company to connect with business partners more quickly and efficiently.
If you want to provide your company with a higher level of data speed, we are the best option.

Rewiring and new circuits

Keeping your company and workspace as current and modern as possible will ensure that you have the most functional, safe, and cost-effective space possible. Old wiring systems can be dangerous, putting you in a legal bind if any damage is done to your employees or property. Furthermore, old systems are much more likely to experience faults and defects, which could significantly disrupt your operations and cost you significantly in refurbishment and lost revenue. It is critical to keep your systems up to date. Our rewiring service will see you through this, providing you with high-quality modern wiring at a reasonable price.

Workplace lighting

While lighting systems may appear to be something we take for granted, they can actually be one of the most important aspects of your business. If your company is in the retail sector, for example, having a dependable and high-quality lighting system will draw more customers into your store and maximise the visibility of your merchandise.
Replacing older style halogen lamps with LED lamps will provide effective lighting in your workplace without the radiating heat and energy consumption. Fluorescent lamps are no longer an unsightly light fixtures. They are frequently overlooked, but they are often a perfect solution when you need light that is as close to daylight as possible. Hair salons are a prime example of needing accurate lighting to ensure that hair colours are accurate.
We will be able to provide lighting designs and installations for your business, ensuring that you have a reliable lighting system.

What does a maintenance electrician do?

Electrical maintenance is primarily performed to ensure that equipment is functioning properly. This is necessary to manage electrical risks. Some electrical equipment poses a greater risk than others. Portable equipment is susceptible to damage from plugs and outlets, electrical connections and cords. Extension cords are also among the devices that need to be carefully monitored and inspected.
Many of these devices can be dangerous in damp environments or confined spaces.

– Contact with exposed live parts.

– Electrical faults that can lead to fires

– Explosions or fires where electricity could be the ignition source

Electrical maintenance also includes installing electrical systems and equipment, safety checks and risk control measures.

commercial electrician

Why businesses need on going electrical maintenance work

In the workplace, electrical safety should always be a top priority.
One of the most common electrical risks resulting in deadly injury is electrocution. In addition to physical hazards, electricity can also cause many problems. These include, computer problems that lead to outages, data loss and slow internet speeds, costing your business time. and money.
Lighting, security systems, and fire alarms need regular maintenance to ensure safety and a comfortable work environment.

A final word on electrical maintenance

Electrical maintenance assures the proper operation of all electrical systems and components and the replacement or repair of any faulty or damaged equipment.

When is it time to hire an electrical professional?

After seeing the important services electricians can provide to ensure the daily productivity of your company's electrical-dependent systems.
When is the time to hire an electrician? Here are a few examples of when it's the right time. 

  • The business or school does not have a preventive maintenance plan in place.
  • There is a need for a new panel or to upgrade an existing panel.
  • Broken or exposed wires can be seen.
  • Equipment regularly used by staff or students has not been tested & tagged. 
  • The summer or Easter break is coming up, and there is a window for a programmed shutdown.

They must be able to evaluate relevant electrical systems and utilise deductive reasoning to determine which component is malfunctioning.
As well as providing regular and essential maintenance to their customers.

Do you need a maintenance electrician?

Do you need a professional to help you with your electrical maintenance?
Then, contact our team of commercial electricians today to learn how we can help.




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