Scaffold banners, also known as scaffolding banners, are printed banners that are often produced with pole pocket sleeves. Pockets on the top and bottom make installation easier by sliding through poles that attach to the scaffolding. Scaffold banners provide several alternatives, and we can print them in any size. Scaffolding banners can also have hems and eyelets in addition to pole pockets. On bigger banners, we recommend finishing with a hem and eyelets. We can provide a reinforced hem for particularly big banners and building covers. Reinforced hems increase the strength and endurance of the hem by adding an extra layer of reinforcing material around the outside of the banner.

What is the purpose of a scaffold banner?

Scaffold banners are an excellent way to promote your scaffolding or construction firm. Scaffold banners are used by development businesses to promote a new house or restoration project. Using the scaffold with branding is a useful marketing tool that should not be overlooked. Scaffold banners are inexpensive, reusable, and long-lasting.

Which scaffolding banner is the best?

Which scaffold banner is suitable for your needs will be determined first by the banner's objective. Because of its lower wind loading qualities, mesh material is better suitable for very big scaffolding banners. Larger banners operate like sails in the wind; hence a mesh material is recommended to let air passage through the banner face. Scaffolding banners as small as 2-4 square metres can be made from single-sided quality PVC or block-out banners. Depending on your needs, block-out banners can be single-sided or double-sided, with block-out material providing the highest strength.

Scaffold Banners

Banner World produces a wide range of high-quality Scaffold Banners, Scaffolding Wraps and Scaffolding Signs. Our Banners, Building Wraps and Signs are heavy-duty, built-to-last, and fit-for-purpose – without the extra cost. They are perfect for brand scaffolding and a fantastic solution to hide an unsightly view.

Scaffold Advertising Banners can be made in any size to suit your requirements, from small 1m x 1m scaffolding banners right up to massive building wraps.

Double Sided Scaffold Banners

Scaffolding banners with two sides are ideal for displaying your brand on both sides. Light will not pass through double-sided scaffold signs printed on light-stop block-out material. Double-sided scaffold banners are exceptionally durable and are printed on a super-durable 650gsm banner material with great rip resistance.

Two-sided or Double-sided scaffolding banners with pole pockets or hem and eyelets are available. Double-sided banners are excellent for making smaller banners, such as those no larger than 5m square. Scaffolding banners larger than 5m square may be printed, although we recommend printing them on a mesh. Wind and bad weather are less likely to destroy large mesh banners.

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners

Heavy-duty scaffolding banners and double-sided scaffolding banners are the same things. The main difference between the two is that heavy-duty scaffolding banners are printed only on one side, leaving the reverse blank.

Printing Mesh Scaffold Banners

Large scaffolding banners and bespoke building coverings are ideal for mesh scaffold banners. The wind pressure on the banner is reduced by using a mesh printed surface. Mesh scaffolding signs, which have a printed face made up of thousands of small holes, are ideal for banners that need to withstand inclement weather. Larger banners are more suited to mesh since wind may pass through, resulting in reduced wind loading. Reduced wind loading allows banners to be printed larger without fear of wind damage from strong gusts. We recommend utilizing our air mesh banner material for scaffolding banners and huge building coverings that demand additional ventilation. Air mesh provides up to 2.5 times the wind flow of regular mesh, making it an excellent candidate in inclement weather.

Single-sided scaffolding banners made of PVC

PVC scaffolding banners in typical sizes. PVC scaffold banners at a low cost, excellent for small to medium-sized banners. Strong banner material with hem and eyelets or pole pockets are offered. Because of the cheap cost, it is great for leaving on scaffolding projects for extended periods of time and gives fantastic marketing value at a low cost per item.

What is a scaffold banner reinforced pole pocket?

Pole pockets allow a scaffold banner to pass through a scaffold tube and adhere to the scaffolding. As usual, reinforced scaffold banner pockets are high-frequency welded. High-frequency welding is our standard pocket finishing method for any banner with pole pockets. To make a reinforced pocket, we first weld as usual and then overstitch. Over stitching offers an extra layer of protection to a pocket, keeping it from ripping at the welded seam edges.

What is a scaffolding banner reinforced hem?

A reinforced hem is a regular hem to which an extra strip of reinforcing webbing is welded to the rear of the banner. The reinforcing tape is extremely strong, resulting in a hem that is three times stronger than a regular hem. We usually recommend using the reinforced hem option for big mesh scaffolding banners.

How can scaffold banners be made to last longer?

Scaffolding flags, like anything else in life, can only survive if properly cared for. To begin, ensure that your scaffold banners are firmly fastened to your scaffolding to prevent ripping. Loosely fitting banners will flap and finally tear. A properly fitting banner should not flap in the wind. If a banner flaps, it suggests it is pressing against something. The banner may be rubbing against the poles as it runs through the pole pockets, gradually wearing down the sleeves. Alternatively, a loose banner might be flapping against a wall or anything similar. If you keep your banner from moving, it will last longer. After using your banners, wipe them down with a moist towel or anything like. Cleaning eliminates the accumulation of filth and dirt. Fit them lower down the scaffolding so they are less exposed to the weather but also more visible to potential clients.

How do you make a scaffold banner?

It is critical to keep the design of a scaffolding banner basic and striking. It's easy to get carried away with little accreditation logos and the like, but is this necessary from an advertising standpoint? Keep in mind that your scaffold banners will be seen from a distance. As a result, designing a design that is basic and to the point is critical. The greatest scaffolding banners include the firm name as well as the phone number. Feel free to include a website URL as long as it is brief. If the website is extensive and difficult to read, I would consider deleting it to keep the design basic.

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