In today’s hectic and stressful world, it can be hard to find the time or energy to eat well, let alone stay active. If you’re expecting, there are many choices you have to make. Living in Toronto can make it easier to find places that help mothers in all stages. A few pregnancy centres have arisen around the Greater Toronto Area, offering treatments and services specifically tailored to pregnant or postpartum mothers in need of support and advice.

What Is A Pregnancy Care Centre?

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A pregnancy care centre is a medical facility that offers information and support to those who are pregnant and seeking help. They have many services including the following: pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal yoga classes, acupuncture visits and follow-ups, postpartum treatments for depression, pain, stiffness and much more. 

In most cases, you can also consult with a naturopathic doctor who will offer insight on all aspects of your health during pregnancy. The doctors treat various conditions which might occur during your pregnancies including vitamin deficiencies or hormone imbalances. Most centers do not perform abortions and are fully equipped to assist with birth control if necessary. 

Centres are usually open seven days a week between 8 AM – 8 PM and facilities include bedrooms where women stay overnight in case their water breaks early, showers and rest areas where women can rest and relax before and after their appointments. 

Another important aspect of these pregnancy care centres is that they have trained staff members who try to accommodate each woman's unique situation no matter what it may be. At West End Mamas Toronto we believe that everyone deserves respect regardless of faith beliefs and gender identity; that’s why we provide accommodation for everyone using separate washrooms as well as private waiting rooms.

Prenatal and Postnatal Benefits

The benefits of visiting a pregnancy clinic extend beyond birthing a child. Prenatal and postnatal massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy and physiotherapy can all provide tremendous benefits to expecting mothers. 

Since many of these treatments are less common in Canada, pregnancy clinics offer a venue for women to receive them safely. Some non-traditional options may be available at your local clinic. For example, at West End Mamas in Toronto, you might find an osteopath who offers prenatal chiropractic care or an acupuncturist who will be able to provide constant supervision to your energy. 

Who Should Visit A Pregnancy Care Centre?


Women who want a healthy mind and body, an easy birthing process and more should visit a pregnancy care centre. Women will be offered care, like hypnotherapy, nutrition counselling, prenatal massage, and many others to help women before, during, and after birth. 

Some birthing centres also have pools for water births. This option appeals to some mothers-to-be who want to avoid an epidural. One prospective mother-to-be, who I spoke to, told me her centre had a close medical backup for people like her. 

Childbirth centres are there to assist you in experiencing a more natural delivery with all your senses intact and getting on with your life soon after having a baby.

If a woman experienced an easy birth, who liked the centre she was at but does not want to deal with traditional medicine, she should return to the centre for more services and information.

 Many mothers experience what's called postpartum depression after childbirth, but it's natural and this too can be helped. As an alternative to medical treatment, women can see naturopathic doctors help reduce pain in their backs and ankles during pregnancy or after they've given birth.

6 Reasons To Visit A Pregnancy Care Centre

Preparing For Childbirth

It's a difficult time in every woman's life, the 9 months before childbirth. That's why we recommend visiting a prenatal clinic as soon as 3 months into the pregnancy so she can get help with nutrition, baby movements, mental and emotional support and most importantly a friendly atmosphere.

Relieving Pain & Stiffness

WIdely known as the pains of pregnancy, back pains, joint aches, tired arms and feet and a general feeling of exhaustion can sometimes make a mother's life too hard. With the help of acupuncturists or massage therapists, you can get help and start feeling better, more relaxed and toned in a few sessions and lose some of the pain and stiffness associated with being pregnant.

Doula Services

A delivery doula will assist your partner in finding ways to make you more comfortable and calm you down during difficult emotional moments. When you are unable to think straight, a doula will remind you of your birth plans, and she will advise your birth partner when he is scared and overwhelmed at the sight of you in pain.


Getting help with breastfeeding is a key reason to visit a pregnancy care centre as it will help you have a healthier body and make sure the baby will be able to receive proper feeding and that you won't have any clogged ducts. Learning how to perform simple massages or suction can be of immense help in the 0-10 weeks after you've given birth.


If giving birth is not enough, parents need to learn how to parent their children early on to avoid accidents, injuries or just mistakes from happening. That's why West End Mamas, a prenatal clinic, has parenting classes, so you and your partner can be prepared when the time comes.


Yoga is an excellent choice of stretching style and even a good workout option, but for expecting mothers and postpartum moms, it's a great way of finding flexibility, mobility and being pain and stiffness free once again! West End Mamas has both prenatal and postpartum yoga classes with online virtual classes!


Pregnancy care centres are a great place for pregnant mothers who want to feel better and learn more about themselves, their pregnancy, and the baby. Like any healthcare facility, there are pros and cons to visiting a pregnancy centre. Despite that, there are benefits to nutritional counselling. No matter where you decide to go with your pregnancy care, one thing remains constant: by spending time with your body, you're also energizing it. Spend your time wisely.

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