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Advantages of a Resin Bound Driveway

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Driveways in Homes

Residential driveway professionals are available in Blackpool. There is no such thing as a little or large job. We have extensive driveway experience. Call us at 01253 835 214 to learn how we can assist you with all of your driveway needs. We can provide you with a fantastic new driveway that will make your neighbours jealous.

Driveways for Businesses

We are your neighbourhood Resin Driveway Contractors and can handle all types of commercial driveway repairs. We have worked with commercial clients for many years.

Block Paving

Blocked paving has grown in popularity in recent years. Because of mass manufacturing, the price of block paving has decreased, but it is crucial to remember that block paving is just coloured slabs of concrete that will fade and lose their original beauty over time.

Resin Bonded vs. Resin Bound

Clear resin and aggregate are blended together before being laid in a resin bound method. The end result is a smooth surface with no loose stones. Resin bonded means that the transparent resin is set first, followed by the aggregate, which completely covers the resin. Any surplus stones are washed away once the therapy is complete. Only Resin Mill Premium Quality Resin Driveway materials are used by us.

Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound surfacing is an excellent choice for driveways, paths, terraces, car parks, courtyards, and swimming pool surrounds, among other things. It is a lovely option for ornamental areas because of its smooth, glossy appearance, which can be manufactured in hundreds of different colour combinations, effects, and designs. Only Resin Mill Premium Quality Resin Driveway materials are used by us.

Is it possible to lay it over existing drives?

To create astonishingly beautiful roads, pathways, and car parks, resin bound covering may be put over existing or new concrete or tarmac. It is permeable, with microscopic pores that enable surface water to flow through, lowering the danger of floods.

Stones sourced from nature

Our natural stones include a blend of aggregates such as gravel, shingle, quartz, and crushed granite. The stones can be angular or smooth, and they come in a range of diameters ranging from 1mm to 5mm. They are also available in a variety of colours, either as a single colour or as a colour combination. The end product is fantastic.

Is it more expensive?

Superior materials and professional hand installation are required for a Resin Bound surface by businesses such as Blackpool Resin Drives Surfacing Experts. It may be somewhat more expensive than other surfacing solutions, but the ultimate effect is worth it – plus you will also have a weed-free drive.

We take pleasure in being the best driveway and paving business in the North West. Your input is extremely valuable to us, and recommendations are always welcome.

Blackpool Resin Drive Experts

We provide driveway conversions throughout the North West, providing a personal and professional service. Our fully qualified and authorised paving professionals specialise in all elements of driveways and paving, working on both commercial and residential projects. We take great delight in our incredible North West reputation and the total happiness of our fantastic clientele.

At West Coast Resins, we offer an excellent service that includes the sale and installation of block paving drives and resin driveways.

Our comprehensive choice of high-quality resin bound materials has pleased many clients, including: new driveways, pathways, schools, access roads, and car parks.

Swimming Pool Design

Our full product line offers a broad selection of colour and texture possibilities, as well as natural aggregates, marble, and recycled materials. It offers nearly endless design alternatives for landscape architects, designers, developers, and homeowners, making it perfect for both new construction and restoration projects.

You Can Count on Us for Blackpool Resin Drives

Resin bound driveways from Blackpool Resin Drives are the most durable, resilient, and long-lasting driveway products on the market today in the UK. Following a rise in commercial usage, homeowners are becoming more engaged and opting for this incredibly durable material for their driveways. When it comes to installation, it's essential to pick a firm with experience and a good reputation, such as Blackpool Resin Drives. Blackpool Resin Drives has the experience and abilities to complete any work, whether it's a simple overlay over an existing surface or a full site excavation.

As a Reliable Resin Driveway Company, we do all of the work ourselves, with no subcontractors, and all of our resin surfaces are set to the Resin Manufacturer's Specification.

We can rejuvenate your worn and damaged driveway and give your entire property a dramatic face lift with our resin bound system. A Resin Bound Driveway from West Coast Resins can make your property stand out from the crowd.

Our Resin Bound Drives reduce puddles, frost, and mould and weed development while requiring relatively minimal maintenance due to their permeability. Resin Bound Driveways from Blackpool Resin Drives do not require planning approval since they generate a Sustainable Urban Drainage System [SUDs].

What exactly are Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)?

SUDS are drainage technologies that offer a viable alternative to the direct channelling of surface water into surrounding watercourses via man-made networks.

SUDS attempt to prevent floods from surface water, improve water quality, and increase the amenity and biodiversity value of the environment by mimicking natural drainage regimes. SUDs do this by lowering flow rates, improving water storage capacity, and limiting pollutant transmission to the aquatic environment.

The need for alternative drainage systems, such as SUDs, is expected to develop in response to environmental issues such as climate change and population expansion. The Flood and Water Management Act of 2010 includes provisions for SUDs and the national standards necessary for their design, construction, maintenance, and operation.

If you want an ecologically friendly alternative to block paving, asphalt, or concrete, a resin bound driveway from Blackpool Resin Drives is the way to go. Call us right away at 01253 366107.
The Value of Using the Correct Resin Drive Products

Many individuals have difficulty locating installation businesses or craftsmen that are not only trustworthy but also exclusively utilise excellent products from approved vendors. This is a huge issue in the resin industry right now, and it appears that it will get worse before it gets better. The fundamental issue is that so many firms are beginning to instal resin without first studying and educating themselves on the proper materials and application. Some of these firms do a terrific job with the preparation and the resin appears fine at first, but it's only after a year or so that the ‘cracks' in their work literally start to emerge! There are many'shady' installers out there that, due to poor installation, get it wrong! However, there are just as many competent integral installers who had their driveways fail owing to subpar resin finishing coat materials.

Storing Energy Efficiently

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