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Website Marketing To Get More Work


Website marketing and traditional marketing can be used together. Traditional marketing uses above and beyond activities such as flyers, posters and social media posts. While the digital route usually means lower costs with higher returns, you can still take advantage of traditional ads if you can find an affordable space in a high-traffic location.

Traditional ads can be attractive in areas with an older population. The aging population is a good target market for the homeservices industry. It is easier to attract their attention with traditional ads. However, data suggests that older generations are more skeptical of digital ads, so it is better to use media that is more familiar to them.

To get the most out of your ads or social media posts, design them well.

Here are some points to keep in mind when designing traditional ads.

  • Copy should be short and punchy.
  • Visual graphics should convey seriousness and professionalism
  • Always include a big, bold call to action


The main goal of ads is to capture the intended audience's attention. You want to communicate more with less. Effective posters, for example, consist of only six or fewer words. You should aim to condense your core message and convince your audience that you offer something of value.

Remember that your audience is likely to be on the move when they encounter traditional ads. You want to leave a lasting impression in this context. Keywords like “trustworthy”, “quality” and “fast” should pique their interest.

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Visual graphics should convey trustworthiness and professionalism.

With any ads, the first impression is crucial. We all know advertisements that try to be witty and funny – that's good for attracting attention. Still, if you overdo it, it can send the wrong message.


There is a time when people admire cheeky ads, this is not when they are looking for someone to look after their house. First impressions can easily affect your reputation in situations with limited context.

You can maximize the impact of your ad by focusing on key advertising features that leave the right psychological impression on your target audience. For example, you can use images that convey strength and power.
Combine this with typography and colours that express credibility, and you can ensure that your ads will be outstanding.


Always include a big, bold call to action.

Finally, remember that calls to action are always key to leads and conversions.
This is especially true when people have limited time to process the information in your ads.
If you include your phone number and email address, they can contact you. And of course this applies to all forms of advertising and website copy.


When designing your  marketing material, make sure that your calls to action occupy the best space on the page or poster.
In addition, you should draw the viewer's eye to your contact information and display it in a way that is easy to remember it – Make sure you have click through buttons where they can tap to call or send a message. You may even include a QR code that is linked to an email address or contact form.
Make it easy so people acn act quickly.


Seek referrals and testimonials

Another way to get more work is to harness the power of referrals. The easiest way to do this is to use your existing clients: Once you've really convinced a client, their network becomes your potential network.

To get referrals, you first need to care about the quality of your services. Clients respond well when they feel they have received more value than initially expected. This means reminding your staff to be friendly and accommodating and to see every job as an opportunity to solve problems – not just a chance to earn a paycheck.

Apart from the efforts you make to provide quality service during the project, make it a habit to check in with your clients. It costs you nothing to call or email them to ask how your work went and if they need additional services.

Getting testimonials from these first happy customers will ensure that further recommendations are given about you, have some sort of proof that you are as good as people are saying about you.
These testimonials look great on a website, On social media posts and can also be printed onto flyers.

Everyone needs building at some point.
This also applies to your clients' friends, family and colleagues. If they are satisfied with your services, they may even recommend you to others.


Stay In Front Of Your Audience

Staying visible increases the likelihood that your past clients think of you the next time their friends are looking for a contractor. This helps them recommend you to others and retain them for possible future jobs. This maximises the customer's lifetime value to your business and earns you more for the effort you spent to get the customer in the first place.
You can do this by having an active social media presence, having an email list or doing regular letterbox drops.

You can also offer a commission or a bonus to clients who refer you . This is optional; shared goodwill is usually enough to get people to recommend you. A small bonus is an extra incentive for referrers to actively promote you.
It can be something like a coffee voucher, movie tickets or a thank you gift.


Conclusion For Website Marketing and Other Forms

With the right marketing presence and a little effort, it's not that hard to get more work . The key to getting the most out of your marketing budget is to start small and then decide what will be most effective for your business based on your data.

Your outstanding skills combined with the right marketing strategy will help you get the leads you've been waiting for.
The foundation of any successful marketing effort is building and maintaining good relationships with old and new customers and having a professional presence.
Get a website design company like Hello SEO to build you a customer converting website.



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